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Presso Therapy: System designed to improve circulation and increase lymphatic drainage to help to promote the body’s natural toxin cleansing functions. Relieves pain and swelling, reduces the appearance of cellulitis and enhances skin tone. 30 min.  (package available).

This equipment is a therapy widely used in the systemic research of body fluids circulation ,cosmetology and physical treatment . through this therapy , it can promote blood circulation,stimulate the cell absorption and filtration of body fluids,take off exotoxin in body fluids and excessive fat.besides, it can effectively reduce swelling obesities of cellular tissues,tighten and the flaccid muscles ,recover the elasticity of muscle tissues and stronger.


1. Lose weight, eliminate toxin
2. Accelerate metabolism
3. Strengthens nutrition absorbing
4. Dispel tire, remove liver's strain and unknown pain
5. Diminish inflammation, energy renewal